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What makes us a leader in medical skin care products?

How do we stand out from the rest? The ingredients, technology, our proven results have made the difference crystal clear. We use the purest forms of medical grade Glycolic Acid and Mag C. Our competitors who are also using this powerful AHA (alpha hydroxyl Acid) typically overload their formula's with other ingredients that have a high pH. This actually results in a false idea that your skin is reaping the benefits of a high pH formula which is not true.

Until now, you were unlikely to find AHA's and vitamins in the same skin care product because these ingredients tend to work against one another. Clinage has mastered the technique of layering glycolic acids and vitamins to produce positive rejuvenation results without oxidation or skin irritation. We believe that less is more. Using natural elements of a higher grade and less clutter results in top skin care products that stimulate natural cell growth for long lasting skin health and beauty.

Improving Skin Conditions Without Surgery

We've developed a medical advanced skin care formula that rebuilds and rejuvenates skin fibers that improves the growth of collagen and elastin. Made to treat fine lines, sagging skin, sun spots, beard bumps, freckles, pigmentation, stretch marks, and acne. These skin rejuvenation treatments are simple to use and quickly produce healthy, youthful-looking skin. The combination of Glycolic Acid and Mag C have also shown dramatic improvements in many harmful skin conditions. Our founder Marcia Fosnaugh Avis says, "Proper layering of the two allows our patients to get immediate action, and see positive results within a few weeks".


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