Meet Marcia Fosnaugh Avis - Expert In Professional Skin Care – Clinage Skin Rejuvenation System

"Bringing the effectiveness of medical grade skin care products from the salon or day spa to your home"

As the founder and President of Clinage Skin Rejuvenation Systems, it is with great pleasure that I introduce myself and my company to you.Skin care and dermatology is my life. For over 50 years my family has been helping people improve their skin and skin conditions. In 1950 my late father, Robert Fosnaugh, M.D. started the Fosnaugh Clinic. He was a doctor, surgeon, and professor of Dermatology. Research and Education was his passion, and something that he passed on to me.

I joined the practice after college, and worked beside my father for many years in the lab developing topical treatments and products for acne, pigmentation, and skin aging. For years these treatments and products were only available to our patients. Then in the late 90s I founded Clinage Skin Care and began marketing our products to other doctors, and skin care professionals outside of our clinic.

The rest is history. Today Clinage Skin Care is sold throughout the U.S. and, is one of the most effective skin care product lines on the market today. Repeatedly our customers tell us they are the best products they have ever used. Clinage Skin Rejuvenation Systems offers products that are simple to use, and produce dramatic results when used correctly. Continued, long-term, uninterrupted use is the secret to radiant skin that is clear, smooth and toned.

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