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Clinage Starter Kit

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Many of us have tried, buyed, and been lied to about breakthrough skin care products that claim to work miracles on your skin. Willing to go to anything on our quest for beautiful skin we fall for it, and see little to no change. We believe in our products, and our customers have faith in us because our Glycolic Acid Products are truly the best out their, its in the design of our formulas. That's why we are introducing our Starter kit, an extreme skin makeover in just weeks. Feel the refreshing cleanse wash over your skin as the Deep Cleansing Foaming gel washes away dead skin, dirt and oil, penetrating deep into your skin and stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin. Then hit your skin with the Renewal Mist to hydrate your skin with rich vitamins, and heal your skin cells. Last the Renewal Lotion redeems your skin to its former glory, softening, firming, and feeding your skin with rich glycolics and vitamins.


This is dermatologist skin care at it's finest. Clinage, formally Clinitone has been around for 50 years as the corner stone for skin care innovations. Don't be fooled by products that claim to have collagen and elastin in a bottle, the large molecular structure of these elements is far to large to dig down deep into your skin where it belongs. Our products help simulate growth of these proteins naturally.

Skin Types

For All Skin Types

Kit Includes

Morning Use

1.Spray skin Renewal Mist facial spray then let skin dry.

2.Gently Massage Renewal Lotion into your skin


Night Use

1. Cleanse with Deep Cleansing Foaming Gel. Use wet fingertips, Do Not Scrub, rinse thoroughly and pat skin.

2.Apply the Renewal Mist facial spray then let skin dry.

3.Massage in the Renewal Lotion and let your skin cells absorb the moisture, Let sit overnight.