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Advanced skincare system for every skin type

Marcia Fosnaugh Avis

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Clinage is an advanced medical grade skin care company formulated by Dr. Robert Fosnaugh MD since 1958. We have helped both men & women, teens & adults for the past 50 years. Clinage Skin Rejuvenation systems is a smart skin care product line with effective formulations of highly potent vitamins A,C,E & B3 and non-buffered glycolic acid.

Our products work by first loosening the glue of dead skin, dirt, and oil that keeps our beautiful skin in the shadows. The Glycolic Acid cleans out your pores, and uproots clogged pores causing a refreshing, clean feeling across your skin. Once the initial exfoliation takes place glycolic acid and topical vitamins penetrate even deeper into the lower layers of skin. Studies show that with continued use of these products, the collagen and elastin begin multiplying, resulting in a beautiful, healthy, Clinage glow.

Our breakthrough products are also rooted in the use of vitamins A, C, E & B3 in our advanced topical therapies. These antioxidant vitamins protect us from skin damage from extreme oxidation. Vitamin A is the fuel for the maintenance, repair, and formulation of elastin. Vitamin C promotes tissue growth and the creation of collagen. Vitamin E work asynchronous with vitamin A & C to rebuild tissue, improve circulation, and protect our skin from the oxidation of fats, and other free radicals.

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Advanced skincare system for men, women and teens


Clinage, formally known as Clinitone was one of the first Cosmeceuticals to successfully combine the miraculous properties of Glycolic Acid with the powerful antioxidant vitamins A, C, & E. The result is extraordinary.. Deep Skin Repair and true Skin Rejuvenation.

Marcia Fosnaugh Avis - Founder and President/ International Spokesperson has devoted the past 20 years researching skin care in her dermatology/ plastic surgery clinic and she is very proud to share the benefits of her research with you.
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